The first round of qualifying of the Winter Cup started at the Ibr Padova indoor track in Italy. Marco Baruffolo took the TQ, which is not really a surprise given his performance interviews during the practices. The Italian driver in a spectacular style put in a very impressive run with 8 laps in 5: 19: 734 in front of his teammate Alex Zanchettin 2 big seconds behind and another TLR driver, Savoya in 5: 22: 068, less than half a second behind Zanchettin.

The round will be punctuated by a lot of mistakes, except for Baruffolo and some drivers. So Elliott Boots and Ty Tessmann longtime in the top 3 will lose ground and score a 5th and 6th place respectively. Note the rather impressive speed of another Italian driver, also on TLR, Mattia Polito who will manage to keep pace with the best drivers for quite some time. The surprise will come from Robert Batlle, never really in the beat with a car lacking direction and difficult to drive. To its disadvantage Robert arrived late and missed almost all practices dedicated to the Pro drivers, that might explain it all

  1. Marco Baruffolo
  2. Alex Zanchettin
  3. Reno Savoya
  4. Davide Ongaro
  5. Elliott Boots
  6. Ty Tessmann
  7. Alessandro Stocco
  8. Mattia Polito
  9. Darren Bloomfield
  10. Leonardo Valente
  11. Alessandro Remia
  12. Stephano Cantoni