And 2 TQ for Marco Baruffolo! The young Italian driver seems to have a plus that makes all the difference. He drives to the limit everywhere, on the wire of the razor but happens to remain on the wheels. With a time of 8 laps in 5: 23: 173 we are far from the times of the Q1, almost 4 seconds slower. The track changes enormously from one roundn to the other and we feels that the track experience of the Baruffolo allows them to make the difference. In second position Reno Savoya made again a nice round and hooked Marco by doing an 8 laps in 5: 23: 318 very, very close! 2 seconds behind Reno we find Davide Ongaro with a similar time than in Q1. The race will be very lively, mainly because of a crash that will create a traffic jam where the driving will be fairly virile and mistakes will be numerous.


A modification will be made on a mini concrete bump created at the last moment to avoid a jumping sequence too easy and which could be dangerous. This mini bump is quite complicated to jump even in the Pro drivers, some see a good thing because they have difficulty to pass it and for safety (the marshal is very vulnerable in case of crash) as for those who had no problem with, is a good way to lower the difficulty level of the track.