Schelle Racing Innovations have added new optional parts for Team Associated B6 with the carbon X plate and tie rod set. Made from 2.5mm carbon fiber, the carbon X plate uses the same 4 attachment screws for the battery stop posts, the X brace creates a stable platform to replace the standard plastic “waterfall” chassis brace with a single tie-rod. A tie-rod style brace has a pivot on each end, instead of the kit part which has only a single pivot. For certain conditions, adding flex in the center of the chassis can improve both traction and steering through the turns.

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The general driving feel you’ll have when switching from the plastic waterfall part to a chassis tie-rod is that you will have more rear grip and a less aggressive turn in. Mid corner to exit, the car tends to feel like the rear end rotates and follows the front end through the turn but usually without breaking traction. If your car is pushing on corner entry, Schelle recommend keeping the plastic chassis brace, but if you want to take away some entry steering and trade it for some rear traction, the tie-rod brace is a great tuning option.