Past weekend was held the Buggyland 3.0 at the stellar Circuito CARTT Fuencarral in Madrid, Spain. Here is the summary of Elliot Boots who took a double win in both E-Buggy and Nitro Buggy.

“So one race over and another begins. Buggyland race this weekend gone was so much fun. The track was amazing and a real racing track with plenty of opportunities to overtake. The guys did an amazing job spending so much time getting everything ready. Unfortunately luck was not on there side when the heavens decided to open up on the track early Sunday morning.

We was told Saturday that this may happen so the crew did there best to get the full over in one day, it was not possible with shorter days this time of the year. We managed to get three legs in for the brushless class. I was fortunate enough to take the win in the first two legs giving me the overall. I had some good battles with friends on the track.

For nitro the result was called from qualifying results which fortunately I was already TQ meaning the overall was also mine. I feel very upset for the crew of the track that we couldn’t have a final but sometimes that’s how it goes but next I look forward to going back for a full race program. I want to thank all my sponsors supplying me with great products throughout the year. Special thanks to Mick for getting the car where I needed it and it never put a foot wrong, also thanks to my dad for also supporting me track side. On to Padova.”