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HPI Racing have introduced a complete set of Pro-Series Tools. The Pro-Series tools feature orange-anodized accents to add a bit of extra style to your pit table or garage, and each of the hex drivers is marked with engraved size identification strips on the handle for quick identification. The expanded range of Pro-Series tools allows you to do every possible job that’s needed on any RC vehicle, from simply changing wheels all the way to total disassembly and rebuilding engines.

Every tool features a large, grippy handle for ease of use whether you’re wearing pit gloves or not, and the large hole in the handle allows you to turn it into a T-handle for extra torque, plus you can use the hole to hang each on a rack to keep your workspace clear. You can even get the super-stylish zippered Pro-Series Tools Pouch to conveniently store every tool, plus spares and other items you need for a day of driving.

Flat/Slot Blade Screwdrivers

  • Pro-Series Tools 3 X 150MM Flat Blade Screwdriver
  • Pro-Series Tools 4 X 100MM Flat Blade Screwdriver

Phillips/Cross Head Screwdrivers

  • Pro-Series Tools 3MM Phillips screwdriver
  • Pro-Series Tools 4MM Phillips screwdriver
  • Pro-Series Tools 6MM Phillips screwdriver

Hex Drivers

  • Pro-Series Tools 1.5MM Hex Driver
  • Pro-Series Tools 2.0MM Hex Driver
  • Pro-Series Tools 2.5MM Hex Driver
  • Pro-Series Tools 3.0MM Hex Driver
  • Pro-Series Tools 4.0MM Hex Driver
  • Pro-Series Tools 5.0MM Hex Driver

Box Wrenches

  • Pro-Series Tools 5.5MM Box Wrench
  • Pro-Series Tools 7.0MM Box Wrench

Nitro Tools

  • Pro-Series Tools Exhaust Spring Remover
  • Pro-Series Tools Socket Wrench (8-10-17mm)
  • Body Reaming Tool
  • Pro-Series Tools Body Reamer

Tip Spares

  • Pro-Serie 1.5MM Hex Tool Tip With Set Screw
  • Pro-Serie 2.0MM Hex Tool Tip With Set Screw

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