HB Racing have introduced the E817 E-Buggy kit. An impressive list of standard features is packed inside the E817 kit box. Fine tuned by HB Racing team drivers and staff so it can be easily build, tuned to a wide variety of track conditions and quickly maintained between heats. The E817 has a fully adjustable battery mounting system that can handle a wide variety of battery configurations. When using Shorty packs, multiple mounting points allow you to easy move the weight bias fore/aft to help tune the balance of the car. The batteries are held in place securely, and mounted directly on the chassis for the lowest CG possible.

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The E817 is based on the World Champion D815 Nitro Buggy, so it’s destined to be fast and durable. The E817 is compatible with most D815 parts and options and as the following features:

  • Proven D815 style drivetrains with 43/10 gearbox ratio optimized for electric power.
  • Accept 4s “brick” packs, 2x2s “long” batteries, and 2x2s Shorty batteries.
  • When using Shorty batteries the fore/aft position can be adjusted for weight bias adjustement.
  • The batteries sit directly on the chassis for the lowest possible CG.
  • Dual clamp motor mount allows the motor to be placed with no change to the gear mesh.
  • Compatible with most Nitro Buggy – no need to special bulky/tall E-Buggy bodies.
  • Pro-Line Predator body and Pro-Line wing included.
  • Covered receiver box, and the electronics mounts are removable for ease of cleaning the car.
  • D815 steering components which include aluminum servo saver arm and clamping servo saver adjustement nut.
  • HB monocoque suspension arms for stiffness, adjustability, and less dirt build-up.
  • Updated rear hubs are now compatible with universals and CVA type drive shafts.
  • (reverse compatible to D815)
  • Upadated hinge pins for easier acces to the rear and front diffs. (reverse compatible to D815)
  • High efficency universal join shafts. (reverse compatible to D815)
  • Optionnal “D” arm mounts with fine rear toe adjustement: 2,75°, 3.00°, 3?25° and 3,50°. (3.00° is standard in kit)
  • Carbon graphite rear hub carrier arms.
  • Protective boots on central drivetrain.
  • One-piece lightweight wing mount with Pro-Line wing.
  • Aluminum steering blocks with carbon graphite steering arms.
  • Stand-up servo mounting and heavy duty servo saver.
  • Steel turnbuckles for easy adjustability suspension geometry.
  • Big bore threaded coilover shocks.
  • Lightweight aluminum shock towers.
  • Threaded outer hinge pins.
  • Adjustable sway bars front and rear.


Shocks, swaybars, and diff parts, along with numerous other components are from the race proven D815. Compatible with almost all of the available D815 tuning items. Tuning option include: steering blocks, arm blocks, steering arms, rear hub carrier arms, sway bars, shock springs and more.

pro-line-body aluminum-shock-towers pro-line-wing aluminum-shocks covered-radio carbon-fiber battery-mount electronics-layout universals tough-steering lightened-chassis front-hubs