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Traditionally December is VRC Worlds month. Not only the annual holiday season, but also the most anticipated month in virtual r/c racing. Thousends of r/c racers from all over the world are now preparing for the VRC Worlds. This year VRC will introduce a new class: Rally X and they will kick of the VRC Worlds with the very first World Championship for Rally X on November 29th.

This class is based on the 1/8 E-Buggy with lowered suspension, special wheels and tires and of course special rally X tracks. The Worlds will be raced on Rally X1, a mixed dirt-asphalt track located in a harbour area. In the future VRC plan to have more Rally X layouts on this location, but also on existing on-road tracks like Heemstede and Messina which will then be converted to Rally-X style tracks for the occassion of Rally X visiting these tracks.

A total of 17 VRC Worlds events will be organized, all classes except the 3 NASCAR truck classes will be raced in both Open class and Spec class. The Open and Spec class will be raced on the same track and at the same time. Open classes will have just 1 World Champion, Spec classes will have World Champions in Pro, Sport and Club class. 2016 IFMAR World Champion David Ronnefalk will feature in the 1/8 Nitro and E-Buggy classes on the new Las Vegas track.

VRC will release 4 new tracks, the forementioned Rally X1 track, the Las Vegas off-road track (2016 IFMAR Worlds), Sao Paulo Oval and VRC Carpet 6, a track designed by Jukka-Pekka Huhtalla from Finland. This lay-out won the track design competition held among VRC members in the middle of this year.

Each Worlds will have the following schedule

  • 4 days of Timed practice (not mandatory to participate)
  • 4 days of qualifying
  • 3 days for semi finals
  • 3 days for main finals