More then 130 drivers was attended at the first round of very popular series XRS Slovakia. Off-road racing saw a new class, the Stadium Truck where drivers used the all-new XRAY XT2. Martin Bayer will dominated all classes by taking three TQs and three wins. Behind the untouchable Bayer there has been a great battle between Aleš Bidovský and Max Gotzl for second place. Bidovsky will managed to took the second place in both 2wd and 4wd.

Final results:

Top 3 4WD

  1. Martin Bayer     XRAY XB4´16
  2. Aleš Bidovský    XRAY XB4´16
  3. Max Gotzl           XRAY XB4´16


Top 3 2WD

  1. Martin Bayer     XRAY XB2´17
  2. Aleš Bidovský    XRAY XB2´17
  3. Max Gotzl           XRAY XB2´17


Top 3 Stadium Truck

  1. Martin Bayer     XRAY XT2
  2. Max Gotzl           XRAY XT2
  3. Juraj Hudy          XRAY XT2