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The worlds campaign started the week before we headed out to Vegas. My Dad and Mick came out to Italy for a three day test. After picking them up from the airport we headed off to the track where the Italian Job Race was held as this was a tough track with lots of jump sections and we wanted to try some set ups and new parts on the car. We also had some new Worlds Edition R7 Reds engines to set up so there was quite a lot of work to be done. After we had finished at the this track we decided to return the following day to the track and finish off and I was very happy with my car.

On the Saturday we decided to go to the track near my home in Grusargo for the morning as my Dad and Mick were returning to the UK to pack to leave for Vegas on the following Friday. On Friday I flew to London to meet my Dad and Mick for our Virgin flight to Vegas. We were all very excited and looking forward to seeing all our team mates and friends – it was going to be a awesome event. After a very smooth flight we arrived in Vegas (after waiting for my Dad to get through customs – as he had never been to the US before he had to wait longer to get through!).

We were greeted by our good friend Kenny Johnson for a lift to the track where we meet Joe Pillars and the rest of the team. We started to put the pitting area up – we had a container which was great but very hot. Luckily Joe had brought some fans!! After we were set up we had walk of the track – it was looking awesome – a really nice lay out and great facilities. Chris Tocco and his team had done a great job. We were so looking forward to getting onto the track for practice the following day .

There were to be 6 rounds of practice of about 10 mins with the last 3 going towards re seeding then 6 rounds of qualifying so a very busy time .


We had a list to go through on the set up and things we wanted to try. We started on the M3 hole shot and wanted to really learn the track first. My runs were pretty good, my car felt really good and the Proline hole shot were great. We had been to the warm up before but the track was much more loose than previous races here. After three days of practice we were in the top heat as the traffic was difficult to pass in my heat, so now it would be easier with faster drivers and hopefully qualifying would be good.


With 2 rounds of qualifying per day there were going to be some long waits in between but there was a lot of fun with friends and the team, chatting with people and watching the track. They were watering the track before each run so I decided to run M4 holeshot. In these temperatures it could be a risk but I gave them a go and they were awesome with the damp track. I was able to TQ both rounds on the first day by a good few seconds so I was very pleased. This was a great start to qualifying.

Rounds 3 and 4 were okay. I made a few mistakes as the track was changing and getting rough with big holes appearing (real off road!) and was very challenging but it kept me still overall TQ, with my team mate J Tebo close on my heels.

The last day of qualifying was going to be close for the TQ. I decided to try some Fugitive M4 lites as wanted to see how they would last. I was able to have 2 good runs. My last round was the best with a TQ but unfortunately not quite enough to get the overall – I missed out by one point to J Tebo!! Still a fantastic result for Kyosho with a 1/2 and for Proline Tyres and my Reds Worlds Edition R7. Now with the Friday off it was time to relax, do some sightseeing and prepare the car for the last day of the Championship. With a Semi Final and then the Main A it was going to be tough as only 12 cars go through to the Worlds Final .

Finals day

My Semi was going to be tough. I was on pole for my Semi so it was my aim to drive well and keep out of trouble as it was important to get to the Main. I had a good start and kept it clean but I had a few problems along the way. I was able to finish and qualify 5th for the Worlds Final. I was super happy as this was the first Worlds final I have made. My Kyosho TKI 4 was feeling great, my Reds Worlds R7 had plenty of power and the Proline Fugitive M3 were very good.

Main Worlds Final

This race was going to be real tough!! The race was to be run in the dark with the floodlights on. It looked great with the Vegas strip in the distance so the atmosphere was set and ready to go. I was a bit worried about what tyre compound to run as the track temperature would be cooler, as it was in the dark. I decided on M3 Fugitive lite as I had run these earlier and they felt real good.

I made a good start but made a mistake on the right side of the track as it was difficult to see. This dropped me back to nearly last but I was able to recover and set some faster laps which would at one stage put me up to second chasing David. Unfortunately after about 30 mins my tyres were losing grip and my pace was dropping off. My car was now feeling edgy and hard to push when I needed to amd I finished in 10th place, which was not what I wanted but I was really happy to have made a Worlds final.

I would like to thank all my fantastic sponsors for all their continued support this year and also Mick Craddock and Marco Rossi for their pitting. Also thank you to everyone who help support me at the World Championship this year.

Next race is in Rome then we have the Buggyland race in Spain. We then the World Cup in IBR Padova in Italy all in the month of November so busy times .