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Coming from DKT is their new range of High-Speed bearing oils and greases. The High-Speed bearing oils named Vector are available with a composition based on teflon, ceramic and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene molecules). The DKT Teflon Vector oil provides a protection of the surface for bearings, the DKT Ceramic Vector oil is also for bearings and composed of ceramic microparticles, that the effect of heat and pressure to adhere the bearing surface which are in friction reducing friction up to 90%. The DKT PTFE Vector oil is a specific oil for engine bearings for the high temperature. It contains polytetrafluoroethylene molecules that adhere to the metal surfaces while drastic reduction friction and wear.

Next up are the DKT Red and Blue greases. The Red grease with Teflon is ideal for bevel gears. Highly adhesive, it protects the surface and guarantees smoothness. The Blue grease is a special grease for the lubrication of O-ring and damper rods, highly adhesive and water-repellent.

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