The most popular Finnish RC off road series Winter Jumps started last weekend in Vaasa. Vaasa RC Club has organized many classy international races during the years (like 1:10 off road Worlds 2011) so all the racers knew that the race will be organized perfectly once again. Most of the indoor tracks are nowadays carpet tracks but this season there are also 2 championship races that will be driven on slippery tracks; Vaasa track is one of them.

2wd race was “a peace of cake” for Joona Haatanen as he dominated every heat he drove with his Associated B6. There were a lot of tight battles behind Joona and in the final results there were Touko Silpola and Konsta Saarinen in the podium with Joona.

Final results in 2wd:

  1. Joona Haatanen (Associated)
  2. Touko Silpola (Schumacher)
  3. Konsta Saarinen (Xray)
  4. Oskari Mäki (Associated)
  5. Eeli Vieno (Xray)
  6. Jarno Siltanen(Schumacher)
  7. Mikko Luopajärvi (Associated)
  8. Ilmari Ullakko (Associated)
  9. Pekko Iivonen (Schumacher)
  10. Max Söderlund (Durango)

In 4wd there were many candidates who could TQ or win the race. In qualifications the battle for TQ was between Jarno Siltanen and Konsta Saarinen who earned TQ in this race. Final rounds were all very tight and there were 3 different winners in 3 A-finals; Jarno Siltanen, Markku Honkanen and Pekko Iivonen. As the total points were calculated, the winner in 4wd was Jarno followed by Pekko and Konsta.

Final results in 4wd:

  1. Jarno Siltanen(Schumacher)
  2. Pekko Iivonen (Schumacher)
  3. Konsta Saarinen (Xray)
  4. Markku Honkanen (Durango)
  5. Touko Silpola (Schumacher)
  6. Max Söderlund (Durango)
  7. Toni Niinivirta (Xray)
  8. Mikko Luopajärvi (Associated)
  9. Oskari Mäki (Associated)
  10. Eeli Vieno (Xray)

Winter Jumps series will continue as follows (4/6 races will count in final points):

  • WJ2 Helsinki 26.-27.11.2016
  • WJ3 Taipalsaari 7.-8.1.2017
  • WJ4 Äänekoski 11.-12.2.2017
  • WJ5 Tallinna (Estonia) 24.-25.3.2017
  • WJ6 Model Expo, Helsinki 22.-23.4.2017

Thanks to Matti Eskelinen for the report.