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The RC world gets together every 2 years to crown a new World Champion in the highly competitive 1/8 Off-Road Nitro Buggy class. At the last event in 2014 HB Racing Team Driver Ty Tessmann took the World Champion title with his D815 buggy. And now, HB Racing Team Driver David Ronnefalk has taken the 2016 World Champion title with his D815 V2 buggy. That’s back-to-back wins for the D815 buggy in the largest and most competitive class in RC racing.

See: HB Racing

240 of the world’s top drivers gathered in Las Vegas for the event. RC Tracks of Las Vegas hosted the massive event, and prepared a large flowing track layout. The strategy was to let the track start smooth and let nature turn it into an off-road beast, putting a true test to the skills of the drivers and their equipment. The HB Racing team was strong, placing 4 D815 V2 cars into the semi-finals.

For the grueling 60-minute main event HB driver Ty Tessmann started in the #1 spot and took off with a clean start and held the lead, with David following closely. About 10 minutes into the race David was on a really fast pace and took the lead after the first round of pit stops. Once in the lead David drove an excellent race, skillfully navigating the rough track, stretching out the lead with his D815 V2 buggy performing flawlessly. David crossed the finish line with a 1/2 lap lead to take his first World Champion title, and Ty came home in 3rd place.

Back-to-back wins at the World Championships and two D815 V2 on the podium for this race. 2 podiums, 2 drivers, different driving styles, different setups, different engines, different tires, different bodies…. same car! That’s a testament to the speed, durability and adjustability of the D815 V2.

David and most of the HB Racing Team used the standard D815 V2 buggy, tuned with existing option parts and some of the new parts designed for the upcoming E817 electric buggy.

  • 114179 Universal Joints: for improved rough track handling
  • 115833 Front Hard Arms, 115835 Rear Hard Arm: tuning to track conditions (Ty used hard arms; David used standard arms)
  • 204046 Low Rear Shock Tower: lower CG and lighter weight (David used low tower; Ty used standard rear tower)
  • E817 Rear Toe Blocks: finer adjustment increments
  • E817 Rear Hubs: revised geometry for more traction Revised Chassis – more symmetrical shape for symmetrical flex (available soon)
  • E817 Side Guards: fits revised chassis

Congratulations to David Ronnefalk for the 2016 World Champion title, and to the entire HB Racing team for success at the highest level of competition! See for set-up sheets, option parts, and info on how you can join the winning HB Racing Team!