Serpent have introduced new aluminum chassis set and gear transmissions upgrade for the Spyder SRX2 MM. First up is the chassis machined from 2mm aluminum 7075 T6, hard anodized which all lower holes are countersunk. The set includes the sidebars and center moulded parts to keep the electronics positioned well and stiffen up the chassis. The chassis is ready to accept the 3 and 4 gear standard transmission and the 3 and 4 gear laydown transmissions. The battery plate is a nicely machined carbon fibre one and adds to the chassis stiffness as well.

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The front end has a separate aluminium kick up-plate which is connected to the chassis with the durable moulded connector brace. This allows you to also try a carbon fibre chassis easily in case needed and its cheaper and easier to replace a kickup plate if needed. The set also includes the new SRX2 body which can be used for the current 4-gear car, as well as the laydown 3 and 4 transmissions. The front and rear end simply mount on top of the chassis upgrade.

Next up is the gear transmissions upgrade. The laydown transmission is available in 2 versions that share most of the parts. The laydown transmission (or lowrider) is designed to move the weight more to the front and lower in the car. This works really well for high grip tracks like clay, carpet and astro. To mount the laydown transmission you need to purchase the aluminum chassis upgrade seperate. The upgrade set for the transmission only includes the parts needed when using the SRX2 MM car as donor-car. Also Serpent offers the 4-gear laydown transmission, which is less aggressive on acceleration and therefor easier to drive, more foregiving and the 3-gear laydown version which is more aggressive and offers a more agile feel. Which to choose will differ per driver and track.

The transmission cases have the diff height inserts included, so you can choose for high, center or low position. It’s a matter of trying which position adds best to your driving style/feel and track.

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