Serpent is about to release a new version of the Spyder SRX2 called MidHybrid. This version is the solution for both astro/carpet racing as well as clay or dirt. This new Spyder SRX2 MH can handle it all, a true all in one. The kit includes 2 transmission to choose from:

  • LMT low -medium – traction: use the 3-gear standing transmission
  • MHT medium high traction: use the 3-gear laydown transmission

See: Serpent

Spyder SRX2 MH main features:

  • Anodised 7075 T6 aluminium chassis 2mm with a seperate aluminium kick-up plate ( so also a carbon fibre chassis can be fitted as optional )
  • Composite chassis guards combined with battery-holders
  • Strong and durable ball differential
  • Big bore shocks and durable composite shocktowers; rear shocks can be mounted front and rear of arms
  • New carbon batteryplate / chassis stiffener
  • Proven front and rear suspension
  • New SRX2 MH bodyshell


  • The 4-gear standing and the 4-gear laydown transmission also fit the same car, so basically 4 layouts to choose from. The standing transmissions allow the battery to be mounted inline or across. A truly versatile platform.
  • Serpent also introduces upgrade sets for all transmission and for the alu chassis-set, which are shipping already now !

More info and images will be available on 18th of october and full info to follow around 20 october. The Spyder SRX2 MidHybrid will be shipped last week october.

srx2-mh-mht spyder-srx2-mh-lmt spyder-srx2-mh-2 500503 spyder-srx2-mh-1 srx2-mh-chassis