Resident guest reporter Neil Cragg writes just ahead of the start of qualifying

Now practice is over, let’s get a couple of things off my chest. Today finally feels like the worlds has started, now that everyone’s actually racing on the same day. I said that the pre race was a silly idea and I stand by it, the track has changed and evolved that much that it kinda feels like those guys are playing catch up already. A worlds is already hard enough without giving everyone a head start.

Wing-gate was embarrassing, Kyosho played it beautifully, well done guys.

neo-0095-x2 neo-2443 neo-2080 neo-2221


Props to the track crew for doing such a great job. When I heard they were watering after every race I thought this is gonna take forever but fair play those guys are really on the ball and are done before most of the marshals are out.


Saying that though the track is really starting to evolve (or devolve, is that a word?) it’s been different every time I’ve been out and is proving a real challenge. During one of the practice’s today the track started really good only to fall off the planet and lose about a second a lap half way through the round, only to come good again for the following round. I’ve never seen this before which is proving a little difficult to get the setup right for the condition the track is in at any given time. I feel like this is something your gonna have to deal with and not get to psyched out with. Just keep going and try not to have any big crashes, I’ll be playing the long game so to speak.


It’s been a few years since I’ve attended a race where Jimmy Babcock is the race commentator and I’ve forgotten how good he is, not just at race commentary but organising the whole event without shouting, keeping everyone informed and entertained, big thumbs up!


I was going to write a piece slating the opening ceremony, not just here but all the worlds. It’s long, it’s a waste of time and drivers don’t want to do it or be hanging around at the track for another 2 hours. I mentioned this to Brent Thielke to which he replied “It’s not for the guys like yourself that have done 15 worlds it’s for the guys who are competing in their first worlds and get to walk out holding their flag and being proud to represent their country”. That’s me firmly told and it’s right as well, I might pay a little more attention in the future!


Predictions, the fast guys are still really fast, in depth analyst I know! Tessmann was not really looking as special as I predicted but turned it on in the last practice to put himself right at the top. Battle looks a little out of sorts, maybe due to being a little under the weather. Ongaro is super fast but a little inconsistent.

Ronnerfalk and Maifield look like going the distance, but overall Boots has been consistently in the top 5 no matter what the track conditions, I would say he has a slight advantage over the rest.

I’ll check back in after qualifying, peace out!