Fourteen years ago, Uruguay hosted the first World Championships on South American soil at the Punta del Este tourist destination, Richard Saxton dominated qualifying and was leading the final until he ran out of fuel – missing his pit in call several times gifting Greg Degani the lead after Chad Bradley had also had issues, you don’t win a Worlds purely by luck, your own gear needs to hold as well.

Sadly Greg didn’t keep his Worlds car, instead turning it into one of the first truggys in the world but we do still have a few archive photos especially of that iconic Red O’Donnell cooling head!

World Champion’s Cars:

2014 – Ty Tessmann’s D812
2012 – Robet Batlle’s MBX7
2010 – Cody King’s MP9 TKI2
2008 – Atsushi Hara’s D8
2006 – Mark Pavidis’ MP777
2004 – Guillaume Vray’s MBX5

IMG_2448 IMG_2451 IMG_2452 degani_rcca_may03