Well over a decade ago now, the 2004 Worlds were held in Furulund, Sweden – a special unique type of track with a signature ‘M’ uphill / downhill section, Yannick Aigoin would go onto TQ in brilliant fashion however the firm favourite to win was DQ’d after the semis for being over the fuel limit, this left the door open for Dani Vega and the new MBX5, leading for much of the final until his servo overheated, up steps the unfancied car #8 Guillaume Vray from France, taking a surprise win and ending years of Kyosho dominance.

World Champion’s Cars:
2014 – Ty Tessmann’s D812
2012 – Robet Batlle’s MBX7
2010 – Cody King’s MP9 TKI2
2008 – Atsushi Hara’s D8
2006 – Mark Pavidis’ MP777

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