Pro-Line have introduced a new scale Monster Truck wheel for solid axle Monster Trucks: the Brawler 2.6” white wheel. The Brawler wheel is a perfect match for Pro-Line’s Destroyer 2.6” tyres and has all of the scale detail you would expect out of a Scale Monster Truck wheel. The Brawler is a white 12mm hex glue up style wheel with a black hub cap that completely covers up the non-scale looking wheel nut, giving your truck the ultimate scale look.

Website: Pro-Line

The stock offset version has the same wheel offset as the stock Clod Buster wheels, while the wider offset version is 17.5mm (0.69”) wider per side making your truck 35mm (1.38”) wider overall than stock. Also new is a replacement set of black gear covers for the Brawler clod buster wheels. The black planetary gear covers completely hide the non-scale looking wheel nut when using the Brawler wheels and now you can buy a set of 4 Covers separately.

brawler-clod-buster-2-6-white-wheel brawler-clod-buster-2-6-white-wheel-2 black-planetary-gear-covers