This past weekend we could enjoy the third round of the Spanish Nationals in the andalusian track of San José, Sevilla. The track is small and technical track, with lap times around 30 seconds and very difficult to overtake, creating interesting situations during semis and final.

Robert Batlle has brought to everyone’s memory why he has been national champion for 10 years in a row, with an absolute domination since the very first Q1, something that had been quite a long time since last time he did, demonstrating that he is in great shape for the worlds. Batlle achieved the TQ with 1 qualifying still to go, setting identical lap times in Q1 and Q2. Pure precision. Canas was the only driver able to almost-follow his rhythm and consistency, finishing each round between 3 and 5 seconds behind Batlle.

The semifinals were completely dominated by Batlle…yes, both of them! He made 28 laps in 20 minutes while all the other drivers in his or the other semi, could not go further than 27. He was showing speed to lap everyone once or twice during the 45 minutes final. Once again, Canas managed to get the 2nd best time overall after both semis, so he had number 2 for the final’s starting grid.

During the final, Batlle started very conservative to avoid any mistakes in a track where overtaking is difficult to impossible, so try to recover from a fail could be fatal. While leading the final, Batlle started showing erratic driving with strange mistakes…one lap after those mistakes, his car failed completely and started moving around the track on its own…luckily, at slow speed. The battery had died. The marshals brought it back and he got the battery replaced, but it was too late to recover from that to a top spot in the grid.

Canas and Oscar Baldo took advantage of the situation as they were not too far from Batlle when his car broke, so they started fighting for the first spot. After some positions changes, Oscar Baldo managed to keep the 1st place until the end of the final, thanks to a more precise driving, seeing how Canas committed some mistakes that brought him back to fight with “the other Baldo”, Bryan, for the 2nd spot. Awesome fight though, that can be seen in the final video, where you can enjoy Bryan doing, as he called it, the airplane, an overtake technique very funny to be seen, in the carpet jumps zone.

At this point, with three races of the championship in the books, there are three different champions for each of them, Batlle, Canas and Baldo, making all of them able to be the 2016 champion in a category completely dominated by Batlle during the last 10 years O_O all of us will stay alert to see what happens in the next and last race of this championship, that will be held near Batlles house, Montjuic, Barcelona. We are sure that he will make it difficult for these new challengers to achieve his throne.


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