We continue the rewind process after taking a look at Tessmann’s D812 & Batlle’s MBX7, winner of 2012, 6 years ago it was Cody King and his Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI2 buggy that took a popular victory in Pattaya, Thailand in November 2010. A tooth and nail race for victory between Cody and Atsushi Hara saw the IFMAR World Championship come down to the last few laps, King going onto take a surprise but celebrated win.

[Photos by John Cary]

IMG_9985-1112383203-O CodyKing_0016-1112386550-O IMG_99962-1112383244-O IMG_0021-1112383038-O

IMG_9998-1112383237-O IMG_0001-1112382791-O IMG_0003-1112382815-O IMG_0004-1112386579-O IMG_0005-1112382834-O IMG_0006-1112382865-O IMG_0008-1112382880-O IMG_0009-1112382893-O IMG_0010-1112386618-O IMG_0012-1112382924-O IMG_0013-1112382932-O IMG_0014-1112382939-O IMG_0015-1112382962-O IMG_0016-1112382972-O IMG_0017-1112382989-O IMG_0018-1112383001-O IMG_0019-1112383004-O IMG_0020-1112383026-O IMG_0024-1112383049-O IMG_0025-1112383063-O IMG_0026-1112380585-O IMG_0027-1112383078-O IMG_0028-1112383095-O IMG_0029-1112383104-O IMG_0030-1112389541-O IMG_0031-1112386645-O IMG_0033-1112383129-O IMG_0034-1112386677-O IMG_0036-1112386687-O IMG_0037-1112383171-O IMG_0041-1112386703-O IMG_0042-1112383194-O IMG_9994-1112383209-O IMG_9997-1112383229-O