It seems Vegas fever has found it’s way to Italy as Championship-contenders REDS Racing announce the new ‘Worlds Edition’ engine and a limited run of 300 ‘Worlds Team Packages’.

The engine has tested throughout the year by our Factory Team Drivers specifically for the type of track in Vegas, where high power and high torque are required. The engine was conceived to perform best for highest speed balanced with good fuel mileage.

Drive a Factory Team Engine
Factory Team drivers including Elliott Boots, Ryan Maifield, Cody King, Cole Ogden and Alex Zanchettin will all be using this new engine at the 2016 IFMAR World Championships… in Las Vegas.


The Worlds Package
The Team Package includes: REDS Worlds Edition engine, 2112 Pipe, M Manifold,   6.5, 7.0, 7.5  Venturi. The engine features an innovative W-SPEC porting, a special balanced crankshaft which have been specifically developed together with our Team drivers for the approaching World Championship. The engine also features the proven REDS HCX Horizontal Carburetor and a brand-new cooling head design. This special combo is available with or without REDS clutch system.