Recently crowned E-Buggy European Champion David Ronnefalk has upped his social media presence and activity recently, even today on his Facebook page posting up the secrets behind the trick-looking switch he runs on his cars and how to make the unique thing.

“I’ve had lots of questions about how I made my switch with a jumper of two 4mm bullet plugs! While building my radio tray for the Worlds today, I took some photos of how I do it!”

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So the pictures below should be in the right order.


STEP 1: Mount your servos to the radio tray as you like.


14448909_1260794763973523_8415980397200194867_n 14333692_1260794767306856_6949247904632733157_n

STEP 2: Use your reamer to make two holes on the side of the radio tray. Make sure to make the holes in the right size of you female plugs. I use the female plugs from DynoMAX.
(3 pictures)


STEP 3: Use a heavy duty extension wire about 200mm long. Remove the white wire.
Cut either the black or red wire in half or so that one side reaches the battery. Twist it around the outside of the female plug and solder it together. For protection I put shrink tubes over it for protection.


STEP 4: Install your receiver and transponder. Make sure to put some protection foam to prevent the receiver/transponder for moving around inside while driving.


Boom! Your pretty much bullet proof switch for you D815 V2 buggy is done! You will just have to make a small jumper and then you are ready to go 😉