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In January 2016 Bittydesign have launched their social Giveaway Contest and since the number of attendees keeps growing! This new concept collects always more and more attention month after month because it’s open to everyones, no exceptions.

Abu Dhabi, Austria, Philippines, Great Britain, USA, Italy and Brasil are the countries of the ‘winners of the month’ from January to August, who will be the next 4?

Participate is very simple, totally free and open worldwide, everybody can win. Here are the three rules for participate:

  1. ‘Like’ Bittydesign’s pages on Facebook and Instagram
  2. Take a picture including at least one Bittydesign’s product
  3. Share your photo on Instagram and/or Facebook including to the text our hashtag #Bittydesign and #Giveaway

12 months = 12 winners –> if your photo is the best you are the Winner of the Month and you will receive for free a Special Pack of Bittydesign products with commercial value higher than 100€!


Full details and more informations about the Bittydesign Giveaway Contest can be founded to a dedicated webpage here.