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Two rounds of the Swiss E-Buggy Nationals were held earlier this month in Lütisburg, Switzerland. Saturday was Round 3 of the Nationals with two practice rounds, four rounds of qualifying, and three races of electric A-Finals. Team Associated’s Patrick Hofer was on point and after practice, Hofer changed his setup a bit for high grip in the hot weather for an easier and more stable car in the finals. Kevin Zwahlen and Hofer give an entertaining battle for the prize, with Höfer winning the first Main. Hofer was on fire and won the third round of the Swiss Nationals.

Round 4 of the Swiss championship as held on Sunday at the same track with the same conditions, but with only three rounds of qualifying and three A-Main finals. This time Hofer won all three rounds of qualifying and made the TQ for the A Main, with Zwahlen in second and Roman Kummer taking third. Hofer won the first two A finals with clean and fast laps, and won his fourth race this season after four rounds.