See: Serpent

Last weekend took place the 2WD German National Championship at the AMC Langenfeld e.V. track. Jörn Neumann was in great shape and he was able to TQ all qualification rounds and win all finals as well to become 2016 German Champion. Marc Rheinard in second and Björn Prümper in third completed the podium.

Neumann used a pre-production version of the Spyder SDX-2. This is a shaftdrive car, based on the Spyder SDX4 but with a different front end. The Spyder SDX2 prototype is using some “alien parts” until the new Serpent parts are ready. The 2WD shaftdrive car is aimed especially at high bite astro and carpet tracks. Release planned for next months.

2WD Final results

  1. Jörn Neumann (TQ) – Serpent Spyder
  2. Marc Rheinard
  3. Björn Prümper
  4. Christopher Krapp
  5. Oliver Speith
  6. Jens Becker
  7. Marcel Schneider
  8. Luca Jost
  9. Sebastian Honscha
  10. Ben Poliwoda