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After the exciting A2 final which saw the young Spaniard Canas deliver a victory, the result suggests ‘business as usual’ and whilst it was a tone to tone victory for David Ronnefalk he was kept honest by the talented Canas who would pounce on any mistake.

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After a couple of mistakes in A2 that cost him dear, Ronnefalk proved his determination by putting in a clean run, only a slightly bad landing cost him just over a second about 3mins in which allowed Coelho who himself had moved into 2nd after shadowing Canas the previous lap. The move setup after Canas landed with a squirm off the bridge, this allowed Coelho to close up, a slight wide line onto the slipper flag section saw Coelho dive down the inside in an over under pass as Canas had to over correct and ended up clipping the curb.

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After the slight lucky escape Ronnefalk spent the rest of the final with his head down and in control, as the Spanish & Portuguese pair duked it out, in a reverse move to the above Coelho lost 2nd when he clipped the same curb, his XRAY on two wheels for a moment, Canas’ momentum saw him bump into the back of Coelho and edge past.

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More photos in Sunday’s gallery

The latter half of the final saw Ronnefalk manage the gap and build it, several times Coelho and Canas would fight over position, with just over a minute left they would trade places until Canas opened a small gap.

Ronnefalk meanwhile cruised home for a victory he looked set for since arriving on the Costa del Sol, having set the pace in practice, TQ’d 4 of 5 rounds and taking wins in A1 and A3.