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A2 saw elation and disappointment in equal measure as once again the leading trio got away cleanly and would dominate the proceedings out front, however unlike his clean run in A1, David Ronnefalk made two costly errors, for the first five mins the top 3 led away, the gaps pretty stable, Canas faster on the slippery infield whilst Ronnefalk would open up a little on the twisty parts, all the while Bruno Coelho sniffing for any scraps that might come his way.

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It came just after the halfway point as a comfortable looking Ronnefalk landed badly off the camel hump jump before the straight getting spun around thus allowing both Canas and Coelho through – the race was on…


Ronnefalk wasted little time in capitalising on a small bobble from Coelho, he clipped the inside of a pipe and wheeli-ed, thus allowing the Swede just enough room to squeeze past, the pair went drifting together on the blue stuff as Ronnefalk set off to catch Canas.  However that battle was short lived as Ronnefalk once again fell foul on the same jump section, this time, just clipping his right rear tyre on the lip of the astro jump, his car went tumbling, Canas sailing off in the distance and Coelho past.

Re-watch video of A1

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More photos in Day 3’s gallery

Fast forward a few minutes and it looked like only a mistake would deny Canas a win in A2, it came… but from Coelho in 2nd, his car simply bouncing on the lander into the sweeper before the bridge, Ronnefalk got by and spent the last few minutes trying in vain to catch Canas, who would roll home as victor in A2… and to A3 the decider it goes…

A2 Result

Pos Pilot Laps Endtime Besttime
1 JUAN CARLOS CANAS CARRASCO (JUN) 18 10:05.020 33.11
2 DAVID RONNEFALK 18 10:05.968 33.109
3 BRUNO COELHO 18 10:10.461 33.01
4 MARCO BARUFFOLO 18 10:17.878 33.59
5 RENAUD SAVOYA 18 10:23.177 34.009
6 MARTIN WOLLANKA 18 10:27.041 34.007
7 BORJA HERNANDEZ CORDOBA 18 10:29.795 33.868
8 OSCAR BALDO CECILIA 18 10:36.072 34.009
9 DAVIDE ONGARO 17 10:02.295 34.019
10 DARREN BLOOMFIELD 17 10:14.446 33.709
11 BRYAN BALDO CECILIA 17 10:15.350 33.928
12 CARLOS PINEDA VIDAL 17 10:15.755 34.524
13 RICCARDO BERTON 0 02:53.823 33.845