TOP 3 - 18IC buggy


The third round of Czech nationals took place in Horni Jeleni. In the Nitro Buggy qualifications despite several mistakes in Q1 and Q2 Kaja Novotny took the overall TQ. In the E-Buggy qualifications every round had different winner but thanks to his fastest Q1, Novotny took anew the overall TQ. In the Nitro Buggy final Novotny and Jiri Mara fought for the lead at the beginning and after about 20 minutes Novotny was in the 1st position with almost a lap in front 2nd driver and he won the race… Unfortunately Novotny’s transponder will have a technical problem in the last 3 minutes and the number of laps counted does not match those really carried.

Nitro Buggy final results:

  1. Jiri Mara – Serpent
  2. Max Gotzl – Xray /1st in Junior class/
  3. Milan Mudra – Xray
  4. Kaja Novotny (TQ) – Xray
  5. Karel Hajek – Kyosho /1st in Senior class/
  6. Frantisek Kalenda – Xray
  7. Martin Rytir – Xray
  8. Jiri Benes – Xray
  9. Petr Klatovsky – Sworkz
  10. Jan Bilek – Kyosho
  11. Jan Kapicka – Kyosho
  12. Ondrej Kulhanek – Xray
  13. Ales Bidovsky – Xray

TOP 3 - 18E buggy

In the E-Buggy XRAY’s Novotny got away from the field and took the win in front of Max Gotzl in second and Ales Bidovsky in third.

E-Buggy final results:

  1. Kaja Novotny (TQ) – Xray
  2. Max Gotzl – Xray /1st in Junior class/
  3. Ales Bidovsky – Xray
  4. Milan Mudra – Xray
  5. Martin Rytir – Xray
  6. Marek Ornst – Mugen Seiki
  7. Jaroslav Valder – Xray /1st in Senior class/
  8. Antonin Hybler – Serpent
  9. David Maly – Xray
  10. Michal Patera – Xray
  11. Petr Tomasek – Mugen Seiki
  12. Jakub Hybler – Serpent
  13. Roman Pudich – Xray