Junior All 1

HNMC held the British GP over the August Bank Holiday weekend the club had again done an immensejob getting the track ready so a big thanks to all the club members that helped out. To oil or not to oil that is the question? There is a lot of debateon tracks surface this is quite simple if you want the track to last and be weather proof oil it!

Saturday practice.

Simon Reeves and Kevin Brusden heading nitro buggy with Simon and Mitchell Booth E-buggy last Darren Hayden-Ball heading truggy class.

Junior Final

  1. Robson White
  2. Jorden Shelton
  3. Oliver Talbot
  4. Callum Mcloughlin
  5. Owen Luckin
  6. Daniel Shelton
  7. Ryan Hinson

Saturday night saw Jamie Clancy win the wheel change challenge.


This would be dominated by Jamie Clancy closely followed by Lewis Jones Simon Reeves and Callum Niblett in Nitro Buggy. Jack Embling took E-Buggy ahead of Simon Reeves and Mitchell Booth. Darren Hayden-Ball took Truggy class.


Semi A

  1. Kevin Brunsden
  2. Mitchell Booth
  3. Callum Niblett
  4. Lewis Jones
  5. Denis Holding
  6. Sheldon Best
  7. Jamie Cutter

Semi B

  1. Jamie Clancy
  2. Simon Reeves
  3. Jack Embling
  4. Tehannah Cradock
  5. Nick Blackwell
  6. Darren Hayden-Ball
  7. Carlo De Marco
  8. John Spencer fastest

Electric All

1/8 E-Buggy

  1. Jack Embling
  2. Mitchell Booth
  3. Simon Reeves

Truggy All 1

Nitro Truggy

  1. Darren Hayden-Ball
  2. James Apsley

Before the main final there was a fuel tank challenge how far you could go on one tank of fuel. Karl Jackson took a remarkable 22 laps on one tank in front of Mark Garrett with 20 laps and Ben Billing with 17 laps.

Main Final.

Jamie Clancy led from start to finish but Jack Embling kept the pressure on for the whole 45 mins.

All results here.