3rd round of Austrian National Championship


The 3rd round of Austrian National Championship took place at the Kirchschlag track. The race started on Saturday with the free practice. In the qualifications rounds XRAY’s Martin Wollanka won the first two rounds and Dominic Bauer the two last rounds and the overall TQ. In his semi final Wollanka was able to set the fastest time with one lap gap to Bauer who finished with the second fastest time. In the Main final Bauer and Wollanka managed to race at the same speed until around 15 min, then Wollanka had a flame out because he pushed too much and run out of fuel. After this the fight for the lead was over for Wollanka and he tried everything to take the second place which secured him the overall Austrian National Champion title.

During the last 10 min Wollanka was behind Michael Nalukowy and gave all to grab the second place. Under the pressure of Wollanka, Nalukowy was pushing too much and did a mistake which allowed Wollanka to overtake him. But Wollanka had to do one pit stop more, meaning that should widen the gap to be out of reach of Nalukowy. He will achieve this and thanks to the 2nd place he became Austrian Champion 2016. Bauer won the race and Nalukowy took the 3rd place.