Schelle have introduced the Nova Lockout Buggy Set and Backplate/Spacer Tube upgrade for Team Associated and TLR buggies and the Pro Built Diffs
 only for Team Associated B6. First up is the Nova Buggy Lockout Set. It is aimed for all buggy 17.5 and 13.5 racing. Pure racers like to remove the kit slipper clutch and go with direct drive (Schelle call it “lockout”). The Lockout Buggy Set sheds weight down to a bare minimum while keeping the tried and true Nova Spur gears (2.5 grams of parts, 4.6 grams total including the spur gear). A 69 tooth and 72 tooth Nova Spur gear are included for all the tuning options a racer could need for tight or wide-open layouts.

Website: Schelle

Nova Buggy Lockout Set Features:

  • 2.5 grams of CNC Aluminum. Includes Back Plate, Lockout Plate, and aluminum tube to replace the steel slipper spring.
  • Includes 69 and 72 spur gears. Special blend Nova Spur Gears are strong, true round, and quiet running.
  • Everything you need is included in the set, nothing else to buy.
  • Comes inside Schelle snap case. Instructions and Schelle mini decal included.
  • Direct fit to the B6, B6D, B5, and B5M. Also direct fits TLR 22 3.0 and TLR family of cars, and older B4 based buggies.

Also added to the popular Pro Built Diff lineup are 3 B6 ball differentials. Using genuine MIP outdrives, B6 drivers can get the Pucks Aluminum or Bi-Metal Pin Drive outdrives as a Pro Built diff. The Pucks diff comes with shims, but requires MIP Pucks driveshafts. The Pin drive diff works with kit CVA driveshafts. The third option available for the B6 Pro Built is the kit Associated hardened steel outdrives. Each Pro Built Diff is hand assembled using Schelle Tungsten Carbide 3/32” balls and caged ceramic thrust. Broken in and ready-to-run, Schelle Pro Built diffs have received nothing but praise since their release in Spring 2016.

SCH1259_11press SCH1303_11press