2016 40+ 2WD Podium

Weather played the biggest role in Vaasa, Finland at the Pitkämäki RC-raceway, which hosted the unofficial 40+ 1/10th electric buggy worlds on the last weekend. Friday’s free practice was interrupted by a rain and eventually cancelled by a hailstorm. The clay surfaced track got soaked and the race management decided to post pone the start of the controlled practice rounds and the qualifying rounds until Saturday afternoon.

Finnish driver Jarno Siltanen dominated the qualifiers for both 2WD class and 4WD class. In 2WD he took the TQ by winning three out of four qualification rounds before two other Finns Jori Mykkänen and Jari Itävuori. 4WD pole position for Siltanen was secured on Sunday after he had won all three qualification rounds. Fourth round of the qualies on Sunday was interrupted and cancelled by a rain shower. 4WD second position on the starting grid went to Jari Itävuori and third grid for Jori Mykkänen.

Once again the time schedule was adjusted and the 4WD class started the final rounds in the mid-afternoon. The track was slippery and caused a lot of “events” on the track and variations on driver placings during the finals from start to finish.

4WD A1 did not start well for Siltanen. He made a mistake on the opening lap and dropped into 3rd position. Jari Itävuori took the lead, made constant laptimes despite the tricky conditions and finished a good 4 second margin before Sami Salmela and Siltanen 3rd.

2WD A1 was a dejàvu for Siltanen. A flip on the opening lap and he dropped into the mid group. Matti Eskelinen took the lead after first full lap and hold it for the next two minutes of the final. Eskelinen flipped his car and Itävuori was in the lead and hold the lead until the last minute of the final with Salmela on tail. Then it was Itävuori’s turn to make a mistake and Salmela took the lead which he held until the finish line before Itävuori and Matti Eskelinen.

4WD A2. Opening lap and a mistake. The days story for Siltanen. Jori Mykkänen takes the lead after Siltanen spins and keeps it until the beginning of the final lap despite a high pressure from Salmela. “A door opens” for Salmela who overtakes Mykkänen, they crash in the following jump and Itävuori overtakes both drivers. The drama continues as Itävuori flips his car in the very last corner of the last lap, Salmela is first to cruise over the finish line followed by Jon Lindgren 2nd and Itävuori 3rd.

After the 4WD A2, rain got more intense and the race was suspended. Eventually the rest of the final rounds were cancelled.

Top 3 2WD results:

  1. Sami Salmela FIN
  2. Jari Itävuori FIN
  3. Matti Eskelinen FIN

2016 40+ 4WD Podium

Top 3 4WD results:

  1. Jari Itävuori FIN
  2. Sami Salmela FIN
  3. Jon Lindgren FIN

All results are available here.