Adrian Wicaksono Jakarta Regional Rd4

This past weekend the Graha Raya track hosted the round 4th of the Jakarta Regional Buggy championships in Serpong, West Java. A total of 53 drivers attended this event. The race format was 3 rounds of 10 minutes with 2 best rounds to count. The finals were run in 5 groups A-E with 5 drivers bump up. The weather was very hot, it made the track surface become hardpack with light dust. After 3 qualifying times took 2 best rounds, Adrian Wicaksono took TQ honours and in the 45 minute long Main final he secured the first place in front of John Agus and Rama second and third respectively.

Main final result:

  1. Adrian Wicaksono (TQ) Mugen/Reds
  2. John Agus Kyosho / OS
  3. Rama Tribudiman AE / OS
  4. Indra Liono Xray / SPower
  5. Adrian Sutanto TLR / OS
  6. Aswin N TLR / OS
  7. Edianto Kyosho / Reds
  8. Faisal Ali Mugen / Reds
  9. Jason Nugroho Xray / Novarossi
  10. Darmadi K TLR / OS
  11. Hade Mboi Mugen / Novarossi
  12. Vindra Mboi Mugen / Reds
  13. Ariathena Xray / FX
  14. Chopin TLR / Novarossi
  15. Rizky P Xray / OS

Thanks to Michael Nugroho for the report.