Exotek D216 direct spur mount

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Exotek have intoduced two new option parts for the HB Racing D216. First up is the direct spur mount. This extra light slipper eliminator spur gear mount weighs only 3.25 grams for increased acceleration and cooler running motors and allows the mounting of any standard Kimbrough or Exotek Flite spur gears for increased gear ratio options. It is designed to be very efficient in the Stock classes. Next up is the chassis brace. This part is made from 6061 alloy with black anodizing and includes a long wear steel bushing. The lightweight alloy brace removes one of the pivot points in order to increase chassis stiffness.

Exotek D216 direct spur mount 1 Exotek D216 direct spur mount 2 Exotek D216 alloy chassis brace Exotek D216 alloy chassis brace 1