Schelle have introduced two carbon fiber shock towers for the Team Associated B6. First up is the new 31mm short rear tower. This short rear shock tower allows you to adapt the 31mm shock bodies onto a B6 while using short eyelets to keep the shock as low as possible to the chassis (low CG). Testing has shown the larger oil volume translates to better jump landing and more plush rear suspension feel without bottoming out.

Website: Schelle

Next up is the front shock tower and wing mount (available in Flat and Gull versions). The front shock tower design mates with a 3-d printed upper wing mount (mount and hardware included) so that racers can screw on their front wing without removing the shock standoffs. The screw on front wing design eliminates the common wing failure of cracking at the mount tab corner. Now racers can quickly remove the mount without removing the shock standoff screws, as well as remove the wing off the car (for travel or cleaning) while keeping the mount in place.

SCH1261_2 SCH1261_1 SCH1261_11press SCH1263_13press SCH1263_12press