2016 ROAR 1-10 Nats

See: Team Orion

This past weekend the 2016 ROAR Electric Off-road Nationals were held at the HobbyPlex in Omaha, Nebraska. Team Orion’s Dakotah Phend and “the Ryans” Maifield and Cavalieri have shown their driving skills winning all four Modified Classes. In the 2WD Modified class Dakotah Phend takes the TQ and the win in front of Ty Tessmann in second and Ryan Maifield in third. In the 4WD Modified class Dakotah Phend takes again the TQ but his teammate Ryan Maifield wins the race while Ty Tessmann takes the third position. In the Short Course class Ryan Cavalieri takes the TQ and the win ahead Ryan Maifield in second and Alex Vanderbeek in third. Finally in the Truck Modified Dakotah Phend takes his 3rd TQ and he win the race in front of Dustin Evans and Jared Tebo second and third respectively.

2wd Modifed Buggy Podium 4wd Modifed Buggy Podium 2wd Modifed Short Course Podium Modifed Truck Podium