2016 EFRA GP podium

See: Team Orion

Last weekend was held the EFRA GP at the MK Eskil’s 1/8 Offroad track in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The MK Eskil’s track will host the Euros in 2017. Team Orion’s David Ronnefalk TQ’d and won the the race by more than 2 laps over Marcus Sandberg and Oskar Levin second and third respectively.

“After having had a great semi I went on to start from pole, and though I did two mistakes early on in the first two laps of the final, I was able to pull away and give myself a confident gap down to Marcus in second. Car, engine and tires worked really well in the final and in the end I got almost 2,5 laps over 2nd place! Super happy to finally get the win again after a few tough races!” – David Ronnefalk