Norwegian Nats 2wd-podium

This weekend it was Innherred RC Klubb in Levanger , that was the host off the Norwegian Nationals 2016 in 2wd and 4wd 1/10 Modified. It was a clay track and weather conditions did not look to good, but after some good work from the club and some volunteers the race was ready to start off. Caused to weather conditions it was very limited of practice on the track before race, so it could look like it was going to be a lot of local drivers in the top. Qualification rounds started and it was clear very early that Yokomo driver Daniel Kobbevik was fast on the track and put high pace very early. Second fastest was Roy Gemble, but he really struggled with electronic problems and could not finish more that 1 complete qualifier, so he was very unlucky and ended up BQ.

So after qualification was done Daniel Kobbevik had an convincing TQ, Kobbevik’s teammate Eirik Andreassen was second and Torbjorn Doler third. Then ready for finals and it was clear from the start that it was just technical problems that could stop Daniel from taking this title, so but on the rest off the podium it was exiting to the end. Daniel raced all three finals and won all. Eirik secured the second spot and Alexander Gemble took an very surprising 3rd place.

Top 10 2WD Modified

  1. Daniel Kobbevik Team Yokomo
  2. Eirik Andreassen Team Yokomo
  3. Alexander Gemble Team Associated
  4. Thorbjorn Doler Team Associated
  5. Arne P. Flesvik Team Yokomo
  6. Niclas B. Roos Team Associated
  7. Sindre Reitan Schumacher
  8. Oysten Doler Team Associated
  9. Steffen Hjortshoy Schumacher
  10. Marius Kristensen Serpent

Norwegian Nats 4wd-podium

Sunday 4WD Modified

Weather conditions did not look good for the 4wd race either, some really heavy rain and the whole track was under water, but after some really good work on track it was ready for giving it a try! It was slippery but driveble, and the reseeding was skipped, and one practise round, then race start!

In 4wd as in 2wd it was Daniel that had incredible speed, and track was more and more bumby, but Daniel was just going faster and faster. So again it was the spots behind that was going to be exiting to see how it went. And after 4 qualifying rounds it was Daniel Kobbevik in first, Roy Gemble in second and Eirik Andreassen in third.

For the finals the track was repaired a little by the club, but still very bumby so all could happen. But Daniel had decided that this was his race and he was hunting track records while he was driving, it went faster and faster. Roy Gemble had also got the pace up, and wanted to say that, this is my track and wanted to get a good spot on podium after the Saturday struggle with electronic problems, Eirik had struggled a little with being confident with setup, but started to get into it in the end, but a little to late. But we could all see that his routine and driving skills is still there! So after all three finals finished it was Daniel Kobbevik on top, Roy Gemble in second and Eirik Andressen in third.

The club had done an amazing job with everything, and it was a race that will be remebered for a long time.

Top 10 4WD Modified

  1. Daniel Kobbevik Team Yokomo
  2. Roy Gemble Schumacher
  3. Eirik Andreassen Team Yokomo
  4. Arne P. Flesvik Team Yokomo
  5. Niclas B. Roos Team Associated
  6. Marius Kristensen Serpent
  7. Sindre Reitan Schumacher
  8. Stefffen Hjortshoy Schumacher
  9. Alexander Gjemble Team Associated
  10. Jan Arild Orahaug Team Xray

Thanks to WayToWin for the report.