Danish Nats Rd5 podium buggy 4WD

Race report by Mike Gosvig (XRAY)

The weekend was a busy one for me, I started out with Friday practice on the nationals round 5 track in RCkongen Søndersø, track was super low traction, so I was working a lot to find a good setup to the track, the track was also technical and some corners you could not see the car, but I was almost the only driver in 4wd who could clear the tripple jump in the middle of the track with a good landing, this was good if you liked to get away og pass other drivers! I found a good setup to both my cars.

Saturday was the race day and we was ready for the qualys! I was in second place in 2wd behind Jesper Rasmussen, but then the rain came, and I had no traction at all, so I ended 12 in this round… the next round I was not ready for the rain – because I made my 4wd ready – I could take some important point in the championship here. Do I did not make the a-main because of the bad luck with the weather…. Next up was 4wd – and I almost did not make it, I was making the car rain ready and the heat almost started so I ran to the driver stand and was starting last, car was good and made no mistakes, soon I was in the lead, but a Marshall was sliding on the track and hit his shoulder! so the race stopped….

I TQ’ed the first round after I made some mistakes because of the wet track, the next round I got taking out 2 times while leading, and I got blocked so I ended 2nd in this one. Last round I needed TQ as the round I tq’ed was the slowest one, and the track was almost dry now, but I made the wrong tire choice, wet tires and setup on almost dry track!!!!! – Car was good but hard to drive, I still got the overall tq after some small mistakes. I won the heat with 1 second to Jesper.

Danish Nats Rd5 action

Now on to the mains: I made some good first lap to pull a good margin in the front, but when I hit the rope end of straight and rolled the car! still just in front of Jan Larsen, but then a slower car was in the apex and I got stucked, Jan Pulled away, but I then just begun to push, and then I made no mistakes! – I made fastest laptimes of the race here, and was 0.4 faster than Jan every lap – some times more, Jan was taking the double single and hit a backmarker, I took the tripple and got back in front! I now pulled away and won the main with 6 second to Jan Larsen, Jesper 3rd, 3 seconds after Jan.

Second main I took the tone to tone victory just pulling away from everyone, I won the main with 5 seconds to second place and made 0.6 faster laptime than everybody – car was super good! So TQ and win – I’m now in front in the championship with 10 points to number 2 with 2 races to go!

Last main I tried to make some more flex to my XB4 but this was to much and the car stopped in the corners, I took the start but made to many mistakes, I just run the heat for testing! Frederik Hovgaard took the win in this main with Jan in second, Jesper 3rd and me in 4th.

Overall standings:

  1. Mike Gosvig – XRAY – TQ
  2. Frederik Hovgaard – Yokomo
  3. Jan Larsen – Team C
  4. Jesper Rasmussen – Associated
  5. Tobias Hansen – Yokomo
  6. Rasmus Petersen – XRAY
  7. Henning Warner – XRAY
  8. Jens Otto Frederiksen – Associated