XF-I123 Shocktower, Rear, CF, AE B6:D, Tall

See: X Factory

X Factory have introduced Infinity’s option parts for the Team Associated B6 and B6D composed of front and rear carbon fibre shock towers. All shock towers are machined from 4mm carbon fibre with additional material above shock holes for maximum durability. They are are completely identical to the Associated B6/B6D front and rear shock towers except the XF-I123 rear shock tower raising the upper shock mount holes in order to utilize the longer B5m rear shocks. This tower also raises the wing mounts slightly, in order to keep the wing in turbulent-free air, maintaining it’s effectiveness.

XF-I122 Shocktower, Rear, CF, AE B6:D XF-I121 Shocktower, Front, CF, AE B6 Gullwing XF-I120 Shocktower, Front, CF, AE B6 Flat Arm