RC Concept MC3R engine1

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Following the success of the MC5R, RC Concept have announced the release of the MC3R with similar innovations. The MC5R is having a large worldwide success and RC Concept wanted to offer a more accessible engine in term of power but also pricing. Thus the MC3R powerband is much smoother than the MC5R and the fuel consumption is better.

New features:

  • New carburetor for a better runtime and more mid-range power
  • New turbo plug button head for improved temperature stability
  • New silver cooling head to help maintain stable temperature
  • New 8mm reducer for better runtime and more power


  • Assembled in France by hand
  • Quality control of all engine
  • Match piston and sleeve
  • Silicon filled and balanced crankshaft
  • Rear ceramic bearing
  • High quality front bearing
  • 7 & 8mm reducers
  • RC Concept #5 plug

RC Concept MC3R engine4 RC Concept MC3R engine3 RC Concept MC3R engine2