Report by RC Racing TV
After a battle with World Champion Bruno Coelho (X Ray) in the final leg, it was Germany’s Jorn Neumann who took the 1:10th 4WD Off-Road European Championship at the Circuito Terradillos in Valladolid, Spain.

In qualifying Coelho looked practically unbeatable, setting fast laps as if he were on a metronome. The Portuguese driver made the most of qualifying to take pole for the A Finals, with newly-crowned 2WD champion Neil Cragg alongside him in second. Neumann (Serpent) lined up third.

In the practice race for A Final Coelho became the only competitor to complete thirteen laps within the five minute time limit, making another statement of intent in the process.

In leg one of the A Final Cragg failed to take the start due to a problem with his differential it was Neumann who gained the upperhand as Coelho faltered, and in turn, it was Coelho who took advantage of a poor race for Neumann in leg two – as they lined up for the final Coelho knew he’d take the title as long as Neumann didn’t cross the line in first.



Neumann was well aware of the high stakes, and dispatched second place man Neil Cragg at the second corner on lap one, and began a fierce pursuit of the Portuguese competitor. Coelho defended hard, but Neumann found a way by.

Coelho, trying hard to respond, had a couple of small spins, which left him behind both Neil Cragg and Lee Martin. While he tried hard to regain a podium position, he had to settle for fourth in leg three, and watched as Neumann crossed the line to take the European Championship.

Coelho had done enough to secure second, but was ultimately dissatisfied with losing the opportunity to gain yet more silverware. Lee Martin, who stayed out of trouble throughout the three heats, took the third bottle of champagne at the end of the day.

With Neumann on top form, and his pre-production Serpent looking strong, a new top driver/car combination may have emerged in Valladolid.