HB junior team

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Team HB Racing is proud to announce the crew of our up-and-coming RC drivers. The HB Junior Team gives young racers the chance to develop their skills and learn from our veteran drivers like Ty Tessmann and David Ronnefalk. HB Racing believes support for young drivers is critical to the future of RC racing, so Team Manager Gord Tessmann puts a priority on the Junior Team, offering his vast knowledge and personal support to the young drivers.

Gord’s son Ty was a HB Racing junior driver not long ago, and now he’s the reigning IFMAR World Champion. The highly competitive line of HB Racing cars for both off-road and on-road are great starting point for the Junior Team, giving them the equipment and confidence to take their racing to the top of the podium. So keep an eye out for the guys on the HB Junior Team!

HB Racing Junior Team:

  • Hampus Berg
  • Pelle Culmsee
  • Jonathan Eisdon
  • Cole Gierte
  • Jordan Hubel
  • Cj Jelzin
  • Tyler Limnuskan
  • Carson Phipps
  • Michael Valentine Jr
  • Kody Watson

For information on how you can join the HB Racing Team, see www.hbracing.com and click on the Join The Team link.