soar neidhart ripmax

The situation between Mr. Didian Ho from Soar and Neidhart SA & Ripmax has taken a positive step. In a new statement Mr. Ho announced that Mr. Philippe Neidhart; owner of HB Racing settled debts owed him. Here is the Soar announcement:

“Today we received a payment notice from the new owner of HB Racing (Neidhart). We were noticed that the previous debt on HB will be paid off next week. As usual, Soar will keep the world-champion quality and work hard to develop high-end product for HB. As we announced, all the problems results from the previous HPI and HB.

While we are seeking solutions to the debt of HPI and HB by law, Neidhart, the new owner of HB is standing side by side with us. Neidhart work hard with high efficiency to solve the problem. We firmly believe that Neidhart will take the new HB Racing to a higher peak. Neidhart take the great responsibility to deal with the issue for manufactures. In the past three days, with great wisdom in the new CEO of HB Racing, we created a brand new win-win situation out of a crisis. That will definitely become a role model in RC industry.”