Schelle have introduced a carbon fiber battery strap for the Associated B6 and B6D. With the new B6 and B6D release, Schelle engineering went straight to work on a carbon fiber battery strap. The final design is rigid, secure, and minimalist. The strap holds down the perimeter of the LiPo pack while allowing clearance for the plugs and also of the positive and negative terminal markings on the case. The pack is held in place by 3-d printed 7mm hex battery stops which are easy to install with a 7mm wheel wrench. Stainless steel screws are included, but racers can upgrade to aluminum or Ti to shave weight. Lastly, racers can pivot the hex posts and run the battery pack in-line for a more quick handling setup.

Website: Schelle

B6 carbon fiber battery strap features:

  • 2.5mm Carbon Fiber, Made in the USA.
  • Give visibility to “+” and “-“ labels on most common LiPo packs.
  • Minimalist design gives more plug and wire clearance.
  • 7mm Hex Battery Stops included.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware included.
  • Slotted design to fit several pack widths.
  • Fits in-line pack option.
  • Comes with B6 Strap, Schelle Mini Decal, 4 x 7mm Stops, 4 x BH Screws.
  • Fits both B6 and B6D.

SCH1257_3 Str_Down_Detail