2016 HRH Shootout

See: Team Orion

Last weekend was held the 2016 Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout in Saugus, California. The TQ was taken by Jared Tebo in the 2wd Modified buggy and Modified truck, by Ryan Maifield in the 4wd Modified buggy and by Ryan Cavalieri in the 2wd Modified SC. In 2wd Modified buggy class, despite his TQ, Tebo will be unable to maintain the advantage and it will be Ty Tessmann who took the win in front of Tebo and Cavalieri. In 4wd Modified buggy class Maifield will continue to dominate and he will win in front of Dustin Evans and Tessmann. Tebo and Cavalieri will confirm their speed in qualifying by winning the race in Modified truck for Tebo and Modified Short Course for Cavalieri. Tebo finished ahead of Cavalieri and Naoto Matsukura while Cavalieri beat Matt Chambers and Joe Pillars.

2016 HRH Shootout 2wd 2016 HRH Shootout 4wd 2016 HRH Shootout truck 2016 HRH Shootout 2wd SC