Serpent Cobra SRX8 aluminum c-hub sets2

Serpent have introduced new aluminum c-hub sets for the Cobra SRX8. Standard in the SRX8 are the 15 degree engraved black anodized 7075 T6 aluminium c-hubs and now Serpent also offer a 13 degree and a 17 degree alternative. The c-hubs have the option to mount a screw 2.5 x 6 inside to limit steering travel as needed.

Website: Serpent

Under normal conditions the 13 degree c-hubs will improve off-power steering at corner entry and have a little less straight line stability. The 17 degree ones will offer more straight line stability, little less corner entry steering, but better in the bumpy sections. The standard 15 degree ones are a good compromise. Track conditions and driving style will decide the choice.

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