Serpent Cobra SRX8 suspension arms replacement program

Serpent have announced a free replacement program for the A-arms of the Cobra SRX8. The new A-arms are more durable and offers wider flex control range, especially the front arms who breaking under severe impact. To warranty their high quality image Serpent decided to do a full replacement program. This concerns the wishbone RR L+R, the wishbone FR L+R and shock bolt (4).

Website: Serpent

The front and rear wishbones are beefed up in some locations and they are now made in a softer material which has more flex than before, to create more overall grip. By using the moulded or carbon inserts, top and or bottom,  the arm can be made stiffer as needed. Same time Serpent also changed the position of the set screw that keeps the spring-steel shock-bolt in positon. Its been moved more to the inside of the arm. For this new shock-bolts are made with the groove closer to the end instead of at the front.

Serpent will ship the replacement arms and shock-bolts to all distributors, and they will distribute the parts to the drivers, through the dealers . The new parts will not be shipped to you by seperate mail, but can be included in a new order you place. As we do a full exchange program, the part numbers remain the same as before. Shipping of new arms to distributors will commence 28th of june, so before mid july all drivers should be able to receive new wishbones.