Danish Nationals Rd4 2wd


Race report by Mike Gosvig:

The 4th round of Danish off-road nationals was held in Sommersted at a private ground track, it a super high bite track with a technical layout. The day before the race me and my teammate Christian Lassen tested a lot of setups for both the XB4 and XB2 and ended with really good cars! I made lap records in the 4wd on fastest lap and also a 15 lap run, so car was on pace! The XB2 I was on of 3 where made the same fastest lap time.

 The car was super easy to drive but on race day the track was slower and with lower grip, I think because of the hotter conditions. I finished all qualys in 2nd place position, to start 2nd on the grid for the main. Frederik Hovgaard’s car look glued to the track compared to the other cars and he was also on TQ!

In the first main the car was good I had a good battle with Jesper, but I made mistakes so I dropped down to 5th in this main, Frederik won that main with Jesper 2nd and Marcus in 3rd. Second main I made it a lot better, this time some laps behind Frederik and with jesper right behind me. But I made a wheelie after the jumps in the middle, and my car got out of shape, so now I was 3rd and could stay there rest of the main, Frederik won Overall and Jesper again 2nd. Last main I was on pole because Frederik stayed out of the race, so the battle was one with the podiums spots for Jesper and me! I made a good start until Jesper made his pass and I dropped a little down, but I could fight back to overtake him. a half minute to go another car got on the track right there I was landing after the jump after the straight, and my car got on 2 wheels and Jesper took the inside of mine, and he could win that main with me in 2nd.

Overall Standings:

  1. Frederik Hovgaard – Yokomo – TQ
  2. Jesper Rasmussen – Associated
  3. Mike Gosvig – XRAY XB2
  4. Jonas Kærup – Associated
  5. Mikkel Søholt – Team C
  6. Marcus Kærup – Associated
  7. Christoffer Henriksen – Associated
  8. Christer Rasmussen – Associated

Danish Nationals Rd4 4wd

4wd: In the 4wd class the car was really good, and the first qualy started out with a good lead but in the end I made some mistakes so Frederik Hovgaard took the TQ in that round! I made a good start to make pressure on Frederik and then he made mistakes so this round went to me! Last round again Frederik Starting 1st made mistakes and I made some too, but I got past Frederik there made mistakes and could take the Overall TQ!

In the First main I could pull away from the field, but halfway I hit the curbing where the 3 dead men jump was (curb is there for not cornercutting) so I was stuck and needed to be marshalled! But I was still in the lead, and could again pull away from the 3 drivers there was fighting for the 2nd place! in the end I won the main with some seconds, and Frederik got 2 and Jesper 3rd! Kim Nielsen got the 4th spot this main. Second main I again got away from the field this time with Jesper a little behind, Frederik made mistake on mistake, and Kim Nielsen would now put pressure on Jesper, and they had a good battle until Jesper had a bad landing and got off the track! Now Kim was in 2nd and I was pulling away but I made a little landing mistake and needed to be marshaled but I was still 2 second in the lead in front of Kim and I won the main to take the overall win at round 4!! Jesper got 3rd in this main. The last main I tried out some softer sway bars and another set of tires! But the car was like traction rolling almost every corner so hard to keep on the track! I had a good battle with Frederik at the start but after mistakes I dropped back and was now 3rd and stayed there for the main for not destroying the other drivers overall results! Also amazing good job by Rune and Christian who made the main and were very fast!

Overall Standings:

  1. Mike Gosvig – XRAY XB4 – TQ
  2. Frederik Hovgaard – Yokomo
  3. Kim Nielsen – Schumacher
  4. Jesper Rasmussen – Associated
  5. Mathias Skaarup – Schumacher
  6. Rune Gustavsen – XRAY XB4
  7. Christian Lassen – XRAY XB4
  8. Marcus Kærup – Associated

Thanks to all the guys at the track and the club HMRC for a good event! Also thanks to my teammates for a good weekend! And Isabella KK for the awesome pictures and support, and big thanks to all my sponsors!