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After a rather lengthy Internet blackout, we’re back, and here are a couple of updates from the EURO Contest thus far on Saturday, with 3 rounds of qualifying and finals all the way till 10:45 PM! ZZzzzzzz!

Q2 Report: 

Rd 2 and Marco Baruffolo hit his stride taking TQ by just under two seconds from Davide Ongaro,  and JQ with another 3rd place finish. Alex Zanchettin again showed he can put in a storming fast lap (this time 34.799) but a hugely costly mistake on his last lap lost him 7 seconds… enough to put him on par with Baruffolo on TQ pace. Inconsistency costing one TLR driver whilst Baruffolo managed 8 of his 9 laps to be in the 35s laptimes, the other… a 36.2!

ECSA3667 ECSA3622 ECSA3637 ECSA3701

Don’t miss Davide Rabitti’s Italo-anglo walkabout video from day 2

Q1 Report:

Marco Baruffolo was unable to follow up on his practice setting pace from this morning’s reseeding round as a costly mistake and a slow marshall saw him lose just under 7 secs having led the heat until that mistake on lap 5. Davide Ongaro was promoted and kept it clean until a small escapade on his penultimate lap saw him venture off the track but only lose a couple of seconds, enough in hand to TQ infront of Baruffolo and Joseph Quagraine 3rd.

Baruffolo will rue that mistake with only a further two rounds to run today on a track he call’s ‘his favourite’. 3RD in nitro after morning practice was Alex Zanchettin, who set the pace in the Ruddog E-Buggy class, only to have a terrible opening lap where he lost a whole minute where his driveshaft popped out.